Used Canopy Tents For Sale

Used canopy tents for sale : Black metal canopy bed frame : New shutter shades.

Used Canopy Tents For Sale

used canopy tents for sale

    canopy tents

  • A tent is a shelter consisting of sheets of fabric or other material draped over or attached to a frame of poles or attached to a supporting rope. While smaller tents may be free-standing or attached to the ground, large tents are usually anchored using guy ropes tied to stakes or tent pegs.

    for sale

  • purchasable: available for purchase; “purchasable goods”; “many houses in the area are for sale”
  • For Sale is the fifth album by German pop band Fool’s Garden, released in 2000.
  • For Sale is a tour EP by Say Anything. It contains 3 songs from …Is a Real Boy and 2 additional b-sides that were left off the album.

used canopy tents for sale – Palm Springs

Palm Springs 10 X 30 White Party Tent Gazebo Canopy with Sidewalls
Palm Springs 10 X 30 White Party Tent Gazebo Canopy with Sidewalls
Holds up to 50 people. Durable water proof polyethylene cover. High quality, rust & corrosion resistant powder coated steel framework. Steel frame tubing diameter ranges between .75″ and 1.0″. Elegant Design. Easy to set up, all hardware for assembly and instructions included. Blocks up to 90% of the sun?s UV rays this canopy will keep you cool and comfortable. Ideal for commercial or recreational use – parties, weddings, flea markets, etc. Can be erected on hard surfaces such as decks, driveways, etc. Walls attach with Velcro fasteners for easily assembly and removal. Sidewalls are easily removed for open air exhibits or outdoor events with overhead protection. 6 sidewalls with large pane windows for maximum light and viewing. 2 solid end walls with Velcro attachments. Comes with ropes and stakes for added stability. Color is all white. Brand New. Because we cannot be there to set this up for you, and we have no control over your local weather, wind, or soil conditions, it is ultimately up to you to determine if your assembly and anchoring of this canopy is sufficient. Set up is easiest when you have at least 4 people to assist with assembly. We are not responsible for damage to the unit sustained while erected in windy or other adverse weather conditions such as rain, snow, etc. Please note as with all products of this type it is not recommended to be left up in the wind. We advise customers NEVER to leave them up overnight, particularly with the roof and side panels on when gust of winds can damage them. We cannot be responsible for such damage . All sales are final, this item is not returnable.

Stay cool and dry with up to 50 people in this elegant gazebo canopy party tent. It holds up to 30 people and is easy to set up with sidewalls, endwalls, and all hardware needed for assembly included. Measuring 10 by 20 feet, this high-quality party tent is resistant to rust and corrosion with a powder-coated steel frame tubing and a canopy that blocks up to 90 percent of the sun’s UV rays. The four sidewalls features large pan windows for maximum light and unobstructed viewing and are easily and quickly set up and removed via Velcro fasteners. The tent can be erected on hard surfaces such as decks, driveways and comes with ropes and stakes for added stability (can be weighted with sand bags for more stability). Set up is easiest with four people.
Features & Specifications:
Holds up to 50 people
6 sidewalls with large pane windows; Velcro attachment
2 end walls; Velcro attachment
Waterproof polyethylene canopy features UV protection; blocks 90 percent of sun’s rays
Powder-coated steel frame is resistant to rust and corrosion
Measures 10 by 30 feet
Frame tubing measures .75 to 1 inch in diameter
Comes with ropes and stakes for stability
All hardware for assembly is included

Dinner in Blanding is next

Dinner in Blanding is next
Almost back to our vehicle at the Government Trail trailhead, I just promised my wife a big dinner at the Homestead Steak House in Blanding. I think I made a sale!

This was an easy backpacking trip. Only the very short pitch up and down the rim of Grand Gulch gave us a chance to really "test" the merits of our new lightweight internal frame packs.

We had a lot of fun together on this little excursion and there is nothing like sleeping beneath the desert stars in a mile high slickrock canyon, with somebody you love. Fun!


4. Thursday 21st of April 2011
This was a test run for some new lightweight internal frame backpacks, my wife and I had purchased for this trip. After 40 years of using our comfortable, easy to access, Kelty Tioga external frame backpacks, we decided that for “off trail” canyon hiking, that some new light internal frame backpacks might be better suited (and besides I had a 20% off coupon and my 2010 REI refund dividend burning a hole in my jeans pocket at the time).

So I bought an REI Flash 65 and the Flash 50 for my wife. Not only would these work better for the overhangs encountered with off trail canyon hiking, but they stored in our pickup truck almost flat, when not in use.

To get to right to the point: We both LOVED these new packs. I still think we will use our external frames on most occasions when we are hiking a well established trail and balance and narrow low profile is not a consideration. But when we want to go light and have any plans for off trail backpacking, the new internals are here to stay.

You really need four wheel drive and high clearance to get all the way down to the stock pond trailhead for the Government Trail into Grand Gulch. Our old 1994 Toyota pickup truck with high clearance, low and high range “shift on the fly” four wheel drive, and adequate skid plates underneath, was just the ticket. We ended up parking next to a ranger’s pickup truck.

The Government Trail is easy hiking. It is an old Jeep trail so we could hike side by side for the 2.5 miles or so from the stock pond to the Grand Gulch canyon rim. The next half mile is steep in places and there are a couple of overhangs if you happen to have a high backpack. We had no trouble at all getting on down to the bottom of the Grand Gulch canyon. At a leisurely pace it took us an hour from trailhead to rim and half hour from rim to canyon bottom at Grand Gulch.

We hiked up Grand Gulch and took several “side hikes”, the most fun being to the “Big Man” pictograph panel. The stars of the panel are actually a Big Man (with modest male features) and a Big Woman. So why they don’t call it the Big COUPLE panel, I don’t know. Left over and hard to extinguish male chauvinism I guess.

We met a lot of nice people on this road trip and at the bottom of Grand Gulch we met a fit couple with two energetic young girls, camped near the mouth of Polly Canyon. The wife was preparing camp meals (toasted fajitas), that to us, seemed gourmet and outstanding camp cuisine. The next day the man would turn up as our hero of the road trip as the “Good Samaritan”.

Though the weather was good (nice temperatures and no rain), wind gusts hit pretty hard throughout the afternoon and into the evening. We were lucky that the “nice family” told us about an out of the wind camping location under a big bent cottonwood tree. The camping site was perfect for us.

We slept with the rain fly off of our REI Quarter Dome T-3 tent that night and enjoyed watching the big dipper, shooting stars, and a bright moon through the mesh canopy of the tent that night. We really slept well.

5. Friday 22nd of April 2011
We ate breakfast and watched the morning sun illuminate the sandstone canyon walls around us. The wind was gone and it was a perfect day. We took our time hiking down Grand Gulch and then back up to the rim of the canyon. Here we found a lady lying down under a juniper tree and her husband with a large backpack sitting on the slick rock. During our discussion we were told that she had badly sprained her ankle down in Grand Gulch (her husband didn’t tell us how long ago), but they had obviously made it to the rim together, leaving only the easy 2.5 mile “Jeep” road section to hike to the trailhead.

I asked the husband if they had a vehicle at the trailhead or had they had to park up the road above the four wheel drive section. He said they were at the trailhead. He showed no signs of needing our help so we continued on hiking toward our truck. Along the way we passed three backpackers, heading down government trail, and then along came the “Good Samaritan”, without any pack at all hiking down towards us. To be honest I didn’t recognize him as the father of the two little girls and husband of the good camp cook (the family who had told us about the good camp site). My wife, who is much more observant and attentive than me in social situations, picked right up on it.

Turns out that

Gerald and his tent

Gerald and his tent
{day two} I guess we weren’t really too surprised to find our self important, self appointed, camp mascot, Gerald the friendly grasshopper, still perched on our tent’s mesh canopy.

Even when we took everything out of our tent, Gerald didn’t want to leave. My wife gently carried him to a sunny bush so we could take down our tent without harming our friendly camp grasshopper.

If you are in need of some reading material you can click on my Eagle Cap 2010 and 2008 flickr photo set and read more detail about this loop backpacking trip and a day hike in 2008 that inspired it. Here is a short (relatively short) description of the backpacking trip my wife and I took together:

Eagle Cap Wilderness backpacking loop – September 27-29th, 2010
Northeastern Oregon – Mr. & Mrs. Oldmantravels.

I make a list at the beginning of each year. On the list I include all of the hikes, floats, backpacking, and road trips that I would enjoy taking that year (if possible). I then place the best month(s) to do each, and then sort the list by “best month” first and “type of trip” second. It causes me to focus on the possibilities and make the most of each year.

Next I set up my Yahoo home page with the nearest town to where these activities are located so I can keep an eye on the weather. I usually have at least a dozen towns I follow in this manner.

So, when I saw that Joseph, Oregon would have high temps in the mid 70s and low temps in the high 40s, I knew the conditions were PERFECT for a good set of day hikes or a backpacking trip. Not too hot, not too cold, no bugs, & few people (week days and late in the season).

“I don’t like backpacking”. I hate carrying a load heavier than a good day pack…but in some cases it is the only way to really enjoy what you want to see, and ever since 2008 when our youngest son and I did a 16 mile round trip day hike into the area, I knew I wanted to wake up some morning and crawl out of a good backpacking tent to the sight of Mirror Lake and Eagle Cap peak.

I put a modest three day route together and was delighted to hear that my wife had three days off her part time job during the good weather window AND she wanted to go with me on a backpacking trip. The deal was sealed!

The counter-clockwise loop route we took was 17.5 miles long with 2,960 feet in elevation gain. Here it is:

Day one: Hike Two Pan trailhead to Minam Lake – 6.5 miles and 1,780’ elevation gain.

Day two: Hike Minam Lake up over Minam Pass to Mirror Lake – 3.5 miles with 1,180 ft. up and 940 feet down.

Day three: Mirror Lake to Two Pan trailhead – 7.5 miles with a 2,020 ft. elevation drop.

used canopy tents for sale

used canopy tents for sale

Tots In Mind Cozy Crib Tent II 1, White
Helps prevent child from climbing out and unattended wandering
Allows crib rail to be lowered for easy access
Helps protect from unwanted objects and pets entering crib, while containing child’s own bottles, toys, etc.
Helps discourage insects
Fits most standard and sleigh-style cribs
Bumper pad can be used
Easy to assemble – no tools needed
Collapses easily for travel
Safety tested, washable, warranty

While it doesn’t turn bedtime into a campout, the Tot in Mind Cozy Crib Tent II is a great way to keep toddlers and toys inside the tent and pests and pets outside. The domed canopy attaches snugly via Velcro to most standard and sleigh cribs. Setup is easy–almost like a tent–and once on it discourages toddlers from climbing, falling, and wandering. If you have a climbing toddler not yet ready for a toddler bed, the Crib Tent II bridges the gap and will have parents, and child, resting easier. Crib rails can be lowered and bumper pads can still be used. The soft full zipper allows quick access to the crib, and it is compact and lightweight for travelling. Manufacturer recommended age is birth to three years. –Scott Teal

Designed for use from birth up to age three, the Tots in Mind Crib Tent II offers peace of mind for you and your infant or active toddler. Protective, portable and petproof, this cozy netting completely encloses a standard crib to help keep baby safe and secure.

The Tots in Mind Crib Tent keeps bugs, pets and harmful objects from entering your baby’s crib.

The Tots Crib Tent offers:
Protective crib enclosure for babies from birth to age three.
Lightweight, easy-to-assemble design that’s ideal for travel.
Protection against bugs, pets and harmful objects.

Patented Design Helps Protect Baby
Lightweight, easy to assemble and collapsible for travel, the Crib Tent II features a patented design that helps prevent crib falls and unattended wandering. It also provides ample headroom and a large, soft zipper for quick and easy access to your child. In addition, the innovative wrap around end panels and tri-hook and loop locking system allows this crib topper to be attached to most standard and sleigh-style cribs with an outside diameter of 29 x 54 inches and having four level corners. And it allows the crib rail to be lowered for easy access.
Prevents Injuries
The Crib Topper II works by keeping baby inside the crib and unwanted pests or pests out. First, it prevents baby from both climbing on crib rungs, which protects little limbs from injuries at the same time as it protects against baby climbing out. It also keeps objects, pets and bugs out of the crib, while containing your child’s own bottles, toys, etc.

Safety tested and washable, the Crib Topper II comes with a 60-day limited warranty.